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Into Earth, Wind and Fire

Poems on Love and The Universal Elements (Gedichtband, Januar 2011).

In the Palms of Space and Time

Meidabook (inkl. CD) (September 2012)

Soar Trailer

Poet Soar and her new Mediabook:
"A reverberating message of soul and love spanning across space and time... An appeal to introspection and consideration, in the pursuit of harmony, true values and bliss."

Out now via with a special offer.
Available on and the German media stores starting with September 2012.

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Yours, poetically

I am often asked by editors, fans, friends about what I read or which authors influence my writing.

My answer seems surprising to them, for people expect names and quotes from me, while I give them the source of "feelings".
I believe that becoming a writer is not about finding similarities, nor following the same trends, with different accessories. I often un-follow subscriptions and newsfeeds when I want to write about something.

When I write I follow, read and am inspired by Life, People and Passion. I guess my "current" is personal and universal.


Special credits:

# 2014: Awaded with the “Qindie” label - “Quality” book created by an independent author (“indie”).
# 2014: Awaded with the “Qindie” title - “Quality” independent author (“indie”).

Publication credits in literary magazines and newspapers in the U.K., USA and Germany (Decanto The Poetry Magazine, Enigma, Lastbench, Women Move the Soul, Indie Spirit Magazine, Märkische Allgemeine, BW Polyglott - BDÜ Magazine, Schwäbische Zeitung).