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"Are you looking for a Best Parenting Counseling in Ahmedabad, Gujarat? Then you are at the right place. We have a High-Experienced Parenting Counsellor who are able to resolve all your queries.
Becoming parents is the most fortunate thing for any couple. Any child is an asset to its parents. It is the upbringing of the child by the parents that makes the child a capable person for the future. So every parents want mold his child properly. Thus Child-Parent Counselling has become very necessary today.
With increase in technology and modernization, there have been multiple challenges faced in the journey of parenting. Lack of time & communication, Excessive use of social media, Unable to understand what the child wants, Fear of losing children, Unable to provide right assistance etc are most commonly Child-Parent problems that frequently discussed by parents at our Parenting Counseling center in Gujarat. Being a parent, you would have definitely experienced either of these challenges, were you able to improve it? The professional understands your concerns as a parent and provides guidance to help you overcome your challenges along with improved family relations.

“Sambandhah” covers Pregnancy Counseling, Newborn to Teenage Counseling, single parent and Adult Parenting. It is best suitable for parents for all ages, Educational Organizations, Societal Group, and NGO also. There are various services offered by us like individual counseling, group counseling, seminars, webinars, workshops, keynote speaking, tele counseling, guest speech etc. We have an educational along with highly experienced parenting counselor which is working hard to give the best Guidance and Life Mantras.

Our Positive Parenting Counseling provides different therapies that help parents better understand their inherent parenting style. It is not about making your child better than you or making your child work for your dreams but it is all about understanding your privileges and learning the appropriate ways to raise your child. We assure to serve you best Parenting Therapy that make your life happier


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