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We are currently seeking a qualified Inventory Control Quality Assurance (ICQA) Data Analyst (m/w/d) to support our team.

This role is not location specific and can be filled at any of our DE FCs.

Job ID: 1440702 | Amazon Logistik GmbH

The position will work closely with the Inbound, Outbound, and Inventory Control operations to develop tools and analyze data to support improvement initiatives, dig deep into data to determine root cause of defects, build and maintain decision support tools, and present findings to business partners to drive improvements in FC wide quality.

The complexity of research and skills for the ICQA Analysts is well beyond basic data entry and research. It involves complex analysis of capacity planning, bin utilization and configuration, deep dives into key metrics based on request, building and maintaining of multiple databases, extensive knowledge of software applications to create tools, and understanding of multiple programming languages.

  • Ensure key performance metrics are reviewed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and perform detailed analysis on behaviors and processes impacting inventory integrity.
  • Possess or gain expertise in key process paths and exception handling ensuring that process discipline is adhered to across all shifts and departments.
  • Measurement of quality & inventory transaction integrity accuracy while providing feedback to the operations.
  • Partner with Area Managers & Operations Managers in the communication of policies in accordance to standard work.
  • Support other FC requests for data support (queries, reports/database creation).
  • Plan for & identify root causes of inventory deviation through cause & effect analysis.
  • Review & analysis of customer defect data with development of corresponding action plans to reduce defects.

  • Ability to write complex SQL queries (Oracle, Redshift, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Good Excel Skills and the ability to develop reporting’s using web- and database connections in Excel
  • Knowledge in Frontend-web-technologies, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Good verbal and written English skills


  • We search for people that get the job done and accept a lot of different qualifications like a University degree in different disciplines or relevant work experience.
  • Ability to write scripts or small programs in Python and Ruby or
  • Experience in working with Ruby on Rails
  • Experience in designing webpages using frameworks like Bootstrap, JQuery, and AngularJS
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